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It earned .9 billion in 2012, which upped Bloomberg’s net worth by billion this year.

Like other rich people, she would willingly spend for the “necessary luxuries” like a shrimp dish in her time, but would think hard before forking pennies over what she would consider non-essential expenses.Last year, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg came under fire for not tipping after lunching in Rome, where meal gratuity is not really expected, except when you are an American, or famous.Social critics failed to note that the kid wears hoodies and flip-flops and was fine with dorm meals before he gets to billionaire status.Here are our top five frugal billionaires, in reverse order, and their shocking tightwad secrets: The controversial mayor of New York City (now on his final term since he was first elected in 2002) is a self-made billionaire courtesy of Bloomberg L.P., the international financial information company (valued by Merrill Lynch at a whopping .5 billion) where he controls 88 percent of the shares.

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