Signs he is serious dating

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You don’t know if you are exclusive, but you think that maybe you are.

He promised to take you to a party on Friday night after a tiring day at work and he didn’t stand you up. As he becomes more invested, you become more and more important to him.

You know he cares and you know that he isn’t going anywhere.

10 Signs He’s Dead Serious About You If you’ve read this article and concluded that the guy you’re interested wanted to be in a serious relationship with you, congratulations!

This is a major sign that the guy you like wants to be with you. If you wanted to wait before getting intimate, he’s okay with it. MORE: 8 Biggest Signs He’s Serious About You When a guy likes a girl, he wants her to like the things that he likes. He wants to show her his favorite things – favorite movies, books, activities, and hobbies.

What determines whether a guy will commit to a woman is how good it feels when he is with her. When he can’t get enough of you, it shows that he is serious about you. He doesn’t expect her to love these things as much as he does, but he still wants to share his passions. He acts like you’re a couple already and treats you with the utmost respect and care.

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