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As you can see, SALES_MASTER takes on the transactional load and replicates selected publication data to different databases located in different countries. There are two types of replication subscriptions - push subscriptions, and pull subscriptions.

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There are three main forms of replication; snapshot replication, which can be thought of as the best fit to the newspaper model - the whole newspaper is propagated each time.

The subscriber will not contact the publisher directly.

This article is not intended to give an in-depth discussion of replication - there is plenty of literature on this subject and some extensive articles in Books Online, which you can find in the links below.

Merge replication incorporates changes at both the publisher and the subscriber; and transactional replication is an incremental flow of data from the publisher to the subscriber (much like a streaming news service, in this context).

For further discussion on the intricacies of the different replication models, please consult Books Online. This article will address two common causes of replication failure - when information in subscribers is not synchronized with information in the publication base tables and will show the reader where to look to find information on replication-specific issues.

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