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But echoes of the past have a weird way of intruding on the present and those who recommend that black men steer clear of dating white women may have good reason for their concern.It could be argued that America’s history of dealing with interracial dating has also included a strong disapproval of black women dating white men.The core of safety is trustworthiness, knowing the man is there for her, who she can count on to do what he says he will do. Women need to know that her man will protect her, not only from others, but from his own anger.My relationship with my wife, Carlin, improved greatly when I realized that my loud voice and beady-eyed looks when I would get upset were increasing her fear.But the focus has nearly always undeniably been on black men dating white women.

My father was one of the men who wasn’t emotionally close and also had trouble keeping a job. He and my mother moved to California from New York where he hoped to break into the newly emerging television industry.Some might consider this a naive approach to dating white women. That’s why you, a black single man interested in dating white women need to accept some uncomfortable realities before you proceed. Say what you will about how much the world has changed in the recent decades since the civil right movement. And that history is one that has frowned upon interracial dating for as long as America has existed.A brief trip through history might be helpful here.But jobs were hard to come by and he became more irritable, agitated, and angry. I’m sure some of the reasons that I became a therapist, specializing in helping men and the women who love them, was to better understand what women want and how men could be better husbands.I also wanted to know what men wanted and how women could become better partners.

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