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There will have been a process for deciding what does and doesn’t get included in each Sprint and the process and the decisions made from following it need to be documented formally.

It is recommended that decisions are not contained in informal meeting minutes from which it’s not clear what has and hasn’t been included and why, but in a formalised signed off document.

Of the four items selected, test scripts could only be found for one of them and this was recorded as a failure.

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Well we now have the possibility of there being untested and therefore unvalidated functionality in the live system, but before this can be established there were a number of questions that required answering.

The manual has been developed in the 90's and looks rather old but the basics are very much up-to-date and strongly recommended to be followed in preparation for FDA audits.

FDA Guidance for Industry and Reviewers Off-The-Shelf Software Use in Medical Devices This guidance document was developed to address the many questions asked by medical device manufacturers regarding what they need to provide in a pre-market submission to the FDA when they use off-the-shelf software (OTS).

At this organisation, this was not the case and it was not possible to clearly identify what aspects of functionality were covered in which Sprint and there was no formal approval process prior to the developers staring work.

So at this stage we had no finalised requirements or specification and so we had to work with what documentation was available.

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