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Some validation controls will need setting more properties as we will show in example 1.2 If you want to split the controls on your form into groups (with respect to validation), you can use the property Validation Group. Here we need the user to enter a value from 0 to 100 and we will show the associated grade, where 0 to 49 is associated with 'Poor', 50 to 70 is associated with 'Good', 71 to 90 is associated with 'Very Good', and 91 to 100 is associated with 'Excellent'.We will need to make sure that the user had entered a value and to ensure that this value is between 0 and 100.Take advantage of the Data Annotation Model Binder to perform validation within an ASP. Learn how to use the different types of validator attributes and work with them in the Microsoft Entity Framework. Finally, the Unit Price property must match a regular expression pattern that represents a currency amount.In this tutorial, you learn how to use the Data Annotation validators to perform validation in an ASP. The advantage of using the Data Annotation validators is that they enable you to perform validation simply by adding one or more attributes – such as the Required or String Length attribute – to a class property. Listing 1: Models\The Product class illustrates how to use one additional attribute: the Display Name attribute.For beginners or professional we are introducing each point in step-by step manners. NET Framework 3.5 Architecture, Cross-Page posting and other ASP. Now we will explain how to use the validation controls. Net validation controls are used to validate user-input. Please put the below code to test the required field validator.A Validation server control is used to validate the data of an input control. These two properties are common in all the controls. Displays a report of all validation errors occurred in a Web page. In this tutorial we are going to give you the skills needed to build web applications that can detect and (sometimes) correct bad inputs from your users. As the user is a human being, errors can occur while this input is being done.'Input Validation' is a programming practice in which the developer of the web application attempts to detect incorrect user inputs and make his application act accordingly.

Here you can use the Validate Empty Text property to do validation even if the validation value is empty.

This is a new feature in As you may noted in Example 1.1, the general approach is to draw a validation control and associate it with the control to be validated via the validation control's Control To Validate property.

Then to set the error message that to be displayed in case of error in the validation control's Error Message property.

Although it's not typically a good practice to skip into implementation without sufficient preparation, in the particular domain of our tutorial we can do so safely.

In fact this will give you a bird view picture of the subject that will make the comprehension of the rest of the tutorial easier.

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