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Another very common setting to switch off whilst the macro runs is screen updating.As the macro runs Excel is constantly updating the screen to show what is happening. We can turn this off in a similar way to the previous technique.And selecting objects unnecessarily is common among beginners to macros in Excel. Limiting the number of trips you make to the cells of your worksheets will greatly speed up your macros. During a macro though, we do not need it updated and it is taking up resources. This setting is one you may need to consider a little more, and it is to disable Events. For example, when you close a workbook, the Before Close event is triggered. It also uses a variable to increment the row number so that we do not need to physically move to each cell.And when a value on a worksheet is changed, the Worksheet Change event is triggered. These 6 techniques will stop many of the unnecessary actions that macros perform, and will therefore greatly increase macro speed.

Meaning they will not recalculate as values are changed.Hi, I have the code below with the usual Application. Using the sheet code will ensure that the code will always work. Sheet17 is the sheet that Macro41 works in, the code is below... Screen Updating incorporated but the screen still flashes/flickers when the code runs - everything (charts/tables etc.) momentarily disappear and re-appear when it runs so it doesn't look very slick. Private Sub Combo Box7_Change() On Error Go To err Handle: Application. When the selection in Combo Box7 changes, Macro41 changes cells values in Sheet17, a Text Box (Active X Control) located below Combo Box7 in Sheet8 reads from the new cell value in Sheet17. Whenever a cell being used by a formula is changed, Excel recalculates the entire worksheet.Obviously such actions can slow down your macros, especially if you have many formulas.

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