Verizon fios tv remote dvr updating

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However such as after 4 Hours the STB turns off if one does not change the channel. Just play around with the settings menus to see what you like. In order to transfer user settings, favorites, and series passes both devices have to be within the same platform.

Also, setting the preferred Guide on one TV ( say to the Full Guide ), may be different on another ( preferred guide to the Channel Guide ). The legacy set top boxes run different software then the Quantum boxes.

How could they be acting up for you for the last couple of months, if you said you only had them for a month? Verizon Direct crew help me out by connecting me to online chat tech to get it fixed. Had to contact them again and they got it going again,...for it to fail,...again,...a few days later.

I lived without On Screen CI years before it was a thing.

They hung around for a little while with no freezing. Numerous tech visits - senior level support people to my house - routers, splitters, ONT, VMS replaced. Finally the recent software update a few weeks ago fixed the problem.

I'm sure I'll be fine without it until there's an update to fix it. My problem was because of the original FIOS install of the new box.

I called tech support and they ran some tests and it was showing a signal issue at the ONT. The tech also checked the signal coming in the house and it is good. This issue just started when I upgraded the ONT and moved to Fios One. I'd try moving the VMS to another location, preferably one off of the first splitter. The one splitter is big I think 6 or 8 outputs and goes off to all the TV outlets in the house.

If I reset the boxes with the support tool it seems to fix it for awhile. I fixed it last night and tonight it has started again. You claim that you had the new Fios One boxes for a month.....

But also claim that for the "last couple of months" they have been acting up....

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