Who is alan tudyk dating chris pine lindsay lohan dating

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) courtesy of the Dawson and Lynch, BB plays the #Top Drop of “Liar” from a fan who had his colon cancer cut out this week.BB jokes about him not tweeting since and being dead, Adam is telling them about the new toilet in the studio that he wanted to christen.

Or that it's a surrogate arrangement, but he hasn't officially come out yet, like Clay and Ricky.

Drew quotes Jimmy Kimmel and something he loved on air, Alison tells Drew that all signs point to him, he accepts it, Adam jokes that he was initially trying to pin it on a black teen, but it was a little out of reach, holy shit!

Adam is now addressing the wishy washy “sometimes I do, sometimes I don’t” wild fluctuations in life, he doesn’t buy that people are as catch as catch can as they claim, Alison has a period/tampon in her vagina analogy.

Gary is now addressing the honor in this, saying Caelan didn’t think this was a mistake, Adam is bringing up the entitlement generation factor and folding Caelan into that because of his age. Adam is now telling Dan and the family about his grandmother’s work with veterans and he shares the infamous “Rimjob question at the dinner table” story.

Adam is welcoming Dan Frank to the show for his first phoner, Adam is asking him about the current state of the V. Adam is asking Dan about the biggest issues facing veterans returning to civilian life.

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