Who is joe swash dating 2016

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"If you're religious or you have real ties to marriage and it does really mean something to you I get that, and it takes you to another level spirituality or however which way you look at it."Using her own relationship as an example Stacey continued: "I think for me and Joe, for example, I honestly wouldn't see any difference in our love for each other, whether we had a marriage certificate or not." While Stacey isn't thinking about marriage, she is open to the idea of "a ceremony where we celebrate our love"."I'm not extremely excited or really feel the need to have a marriage certificate," she added.

"And that is what marriage is to me."When Gloria then said that getting married would make her and Joe more of a "unit", Stacey again disagreed."To me a unit is family, is love, which is present with or without the piece of paper," she said.

She continued: "He pursued me, though, and his persistence in taking me out was attractive.

"I was really nervous ahead of our first date so my friends told me to have a glass of wine to help.

And then the wine ran out." Stacey was so drunk she thought it would be a good idea to go and get some more, but disaster struck when she got back to his flat.

She wrote: "For some bizarre reason I thought it would be hilarious to race him up the stairs to his apartment.

"I got her three pairs of trainers, some perfume and a nice ring," he said.

When Keith presumed the 'nice ring' was an engagement ring, Joe was quick to correct him, saying: "No, not a wedding ring, just a normal ring.

In 2003, Swash was cast to play Mickey Miller in the BBC One soap opera East Enders., Joe Swash got down on one knee and popped the question to his girlfriend of one year Stacey Solomon.Except it wasn't legit and instead was just to secure a point for his team.The actress only intended to show off her manicure through her media post.But the things went to the opposite direction as it became serious than just the manicure.

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