Who is kristanna loken dating

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She was reported to be hitting the gym for three-hour workouts for three minutes of role to look as a villain that would take on Arnold in the movie.

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The actress, who played femme fatale T-X in the 2003 film, made the news public as she documented her Oscars viewing plans online on Sunday (26Feb17), when she and Jonathan attended the Night of 100 Stars event at The Beverly Hilton in Los Angeles.She’s now in a relationship with JP Morgan managing director Jonathan Bates and in May 2016, she gave birth to the couple’s first child Thor. Evidently some folks just have it in their mind how toes are supposed to look, and if a woman's toes don't perfectly fit that ideal...are "out of proportion". The statuesque beauty wasn't alone for long after leaving Danby however.Loken says she fell in love with her new girlfriend - a personal trainer - pretty much at first sight.

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