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"Repairing" Visual Studio appears to have completely worked and was very quick, under 5 minutes and everything seems to work fine.

This issue is becoming very now, specially for users installing visual studio on windows 10 platform.

It got stuck during Android SDK Setup (API Level 19 & 21, System Images). When installation finished, it said that some components were not installed and it will try to download and install them later.

Alright so after hours of googling and failed attempts at solving this including many of the suggestions above, I found a solution I tried on a whim and worked for me.

This was a case of one of the sub-installers getting stuck during the install and never completing.

Unfortunately when this happens, it looks like the master installer never times out the operation.

The trick is to open up the Task Manager in detail mode, and look for a sub-installer process that is showing 0% CPU usage and 0% disk usage, indicating it has died.

After studying other answers here ( recommended), I made an educated guess and initiated a restart of my Windows 7 Pro. I therefore selected Cancel on Windows' restart popup.

Windows returned to my user session, and now the VS 2015 install came to life(! I therefore suspect that was the roadblock, but my conscience is clean ( When stuck on Visual Studio Preparation: I killed vs_with higher PID, Visual Studio threw an error, that "pipe is being closed". Visual Studio started automatically and has completed within 1 minute.

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